Talking Heads – Speaking In Tongue


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Gatefold Sleeve, Limited Edition
In the middle of a world in turmoil, of a cataclysmic change in society, EPICA somehow managed to create their most spectacular album yet. An album that is seamlessly bringing together metal and orchestra, choir and oriental instruments to a perfect storm constantly emitting goose bumps. A record with a specifically written suites for orchestra and choir, featuring a wide range of ethnic instruments recorded around the world by some of the best native musicians out there. In short: They outdid themselves. Once again. And still managed to keep the songs approachable and wickedly catchy. “More than ever before, we had the live shows before our eyes,” says Mark. “We wanted to write huge, catchy and melodic songs that work well in a crowd environment without altogether obliterating the larger-than-life epic anthems.”
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